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Spin Training

For years there has been a debate about whether pilots should be taught to spin an aircraft as part of their primary training. Today, the rules only require spin training for initial flight instructor applicants, but many believe that spin training has value for other pilots too. One very simple reason to learn to handle spins in an airplane is to get over the fear, and thereby increase your confidence in handling the aiplane. If things start to go bad in a real flight condition, the added calmness you'll feel is likely to help you think more clearly and thereby help you avoid the situation ever getting really bad in the first place.

Of course, many people find spins to be fun too.

Spin training is normally undertaken in an aerobatic aircraft, commonly with a tailwheel. You don't have to get a tailwheel endorsement to take spin training, but you can combine spin training and a tailwheel endorsement if you like.

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