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Garmin GNS 430/530 Training

Modern GPS-based avionics are getting increasingly powerful, and although the user interfaces are generally well designed, and becoming more consistent, most pilots do not get the full benefit out of their systems. I specialize in teaching the use of the Garmin GNS 430 and GNS 530 systems. Garmin themselves provide a syllabus for these systems, and I can teach according to that, or on an as-needed basis if you prefer.

To get the most out of these systems, it is important to study them initially on the ground without the distraction of flying. Garmin provides an excellent computer based simulator for both the 430 and the 530, and they do not charge for this software. However, your training cannot really be considered complete unless you have used all the features in flight, preferably while also in the less-than-predictable environment of cross country IFR flight. As an instrument instructor, I can offer all these options in your single-engine airplane, and you can take the route that suits you best.

From time to time, as demand allows, I offer classroom based training in these systems. This format offers reduced cost, and allows you to meet other Garmin users, possibly making new friends into the bargain.

Other GPS Systems

Most Garmin systems have similar user interfaces, so while I do not claim to be a specialist in other Garmin systems, I believe I can offer valuable training in many of them. Similarly, I have a reasonable degree of experience with the King KLN 89-B in a VFR environment, and am willing to offer training in that system.

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