Colorado Flight Training
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Garmin GNS 430/530 and other GPS training
Aerial Photography
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Related Links

Here are some flying and flight training related websites I think are worth checking out
The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association is an organization promoting the interests of general aviation pilots and aircraft owners, and promoting safety in flying. AOPA provides extensive training resources for student and certificated pilots. New students, or those who might want to become student pilots, can get a free 6 month trial of AOPA membership, including the magazine they publish that's specific to student pilots here
GA Serving America
The "GA Serving America" site was created by the AOPA to improve the understanding of the general public of the benefits of general aviation, and of the value to a local community of the airport they probably don't even realize they have.
Flight Training Magazine
Flight training magazine is a monthly publication of the AOPA that addresses flight training issues. It is available along with a six month free trial of AOPA membership to anyone considering taking initial flying lessons.
King Schools
John and Martha King have been providing training materials to all levels of pilots for many years, their website has a complete online catalog of their offerings.
Sporty's Pilot Shop
Sporty's Pilot Shop is a well-known supplier of aviation related items, including books, charts, headsets, electronics, and training materials.
Aviation Weather
Useful site with extensive weather information for pilots. Not a substitute for a standard briefing.
Extensive aviation site with news, articles, and information.
Colorado Pilots Association
The Colorado Pilots Association represents pilots interests in Colorado, organizes social and training events, and operates a formal and respected mountain flying school.
The Experimental Aircraft Association represents the interests of pilots and builders of homebuilt (Experimental) aircraft. The organization is also the parent of a number of organizations specializing in antique aircraft, warbirds, and aerobatics, as well as the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI).
The National Association of Flight Instructors promotes excellence in flight instruction and the interests of flight instructors.
Soaring Society of Boulder The Soaring Society of Boulder is a highly active gliding club, based at Boulder airport (KBDU).

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