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Mountain Flying

Flying in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado offers some of the most beautiful sights you'll ever see. It also offers some unusual challenges that are very hazardous to a pilot unfamiliar with the environment. I can help you become comfortable and safe in these mountains. And I can help you to know when to stay away from them, so you can get the most from your high-country flying.

Density Altitude and Performance

All aircraft, including those with turbocharged engines and even jets, are adversely affected by altitude. Many smaller airplanes have service ceilings not much above the height of these magnificent mountains and, consequently, their performance is critically degraded in this region. However, a powerful engine alone--while it certainly simplifies many aspects of mountain flying--is not a panacea in the high country. Downdrafts can reach velocities comparable with those found in microbursts, and not much short of a military jet will outclimb such winds. On the other hand, you'll see many gliders flying in and near the mountains, demonstrating that even lower powered craft can enjoy the mountains safely provided that proper precautions are taken, and provided you're willing to head home--or stay on the ground--when conditions are unsuitable.

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