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Introductory Flights (Great Gifts!)

You do not have to commit to a full course of flight lessons until you're sure. You can take a single lesson, which can be shorter or longer according to your preference. You can also pay for a flight for someone else which makes a great gift. Flight schools generally call this idea an "Introductory Flight" or "Discovery Flight".

Since I don't currently have an airplane, I can't offer such a flight myself, but if you're interested, I can suggest local schools that can, just send me an email, tell me what area you live in, and I'll offer some suggestions.

Some people take an introductory flight and just enjoy the ride, however, ground instruction can be included to allow you to do a significant amount of flying yourself.

You can bring a camera or video camera with you if you would like. Flights have a reasonable degree of freedom and so there is a chance that we can--at a safe altitude--fly over a favorite nearby landmark. Colorado's beautiful scenery takes on a whole new dimension when seen from above and should not be missed.

These flights make excellent gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's day, and similar. One couple even got engaged during the flight!

* Notes and Restrictions

You can usually choose to pay for an introductory flight at the time you arrive, or in advance. In the latter case, many schools will offer a personalized gift certificate.

Flights are available to people of any age, however younger children (typically under the age of about 12) might not be able to reach the controls properly.

Flights may be postponed at short, or no, notice if weather or other safety issues require.

You can bring a passenger provided the weight limits of the airplane are not exceeded. Ask before purchasing if this is important to you and we can discuss the limits.

If you or a passenger become anxious or uncomfortable, you always have the option to end the flight early.

Introductory flights are not usually aerobatic. The goal is to introduce normal flying for pleasure and transport and help you decide if you'd like to learn to fly yourself.

If you are a nervous passenger on airlines, this flight might be just the tonic you need. Many people have lost their anxiety entirely when they know what the pilot is doing and can see out of the front windows clearly while they fly.

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