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Welcome to Colorado Flight Training, the website of Simon Roberts, CFII. I teach to all airplane single-engine ratings, and also mountain flying transitions, tailwheel endorsement, and am a former Cirrus Standardized Instructor. I offer flight reviews (aka BFR) and instrument proficiency checks (IPC), and subject to inspection and insurance requirements, am willing to fly with you in your experimental aircraft.

I have 2000 hours of flight experience, 700 tailwheel, and 700 dual given. I'm in flight instruction for the long-haul, I'm not trying to build hours for an airline job, so you can rely on my being here for your next rating, currency ride, or just general advice. Prior to earning my certificated flight instructor (CFI) in 2002, I was a senior instructor with Sun Microsystems, teaching computing and writing training courses, so I have extensive experience of the teaching process, and I bring a high level of professionalism in teaching to my flight instruction activities.

I also hold a commercial glider rating.

In the column at the left are the services I offer, if you have unanswered questions, please feel free to contact me to discuss any aviation-related topic.

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